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Reignite the Magic of your Voice 

Summer of Song


June 26 - August 7

every other Sunday

@11am PT

With Rosalie Grace and Mackenzie Madrone


We believe that singing is a healing and connecting force. When we gather to share songs we can experience joy, play, community and belonging.


So many of us are told that there is a "right” way to sing. And we should only sing if we sound like a pop star on the radio.


In our individualistic culture we are discouraged from sharing our voice if it doesn’t match certain standards. We may start to doubt our ability to sing or stop trying altogether.

But really, we all know how to sing!

And our voices are all perfectly unique and our own.

There is no right way to do it.




Song Circles

A song circle is a space where we don’t have to focus on sounding perfect but rather having fun singing and connecting with others!


Song circles have been really powerful and life-changing for both of us in helping us feel more confident in our voice. We've moved out of shame and into more expression, opened creative portals to receiving new songs, while connecting with community and having fun!



What is a Song Circle?

In this format of a song circle, songs are shared that are simple, easy to learn and memorize and then all sung together, sometimes with layering harmonies and different parts!


In our experience, it’s an incredibly euphoric experience of belonging.



More benefits of song circles:


You can practice singing without being put on the spot to slowly increase your confidence in your vocal expression.


The healing and nervous-system soothing in the experience of singing in community as a shared experience.


A song circle isn’t really about how you sound individually but the experience of singing WITH a group.




June 26



July 10



July 24



August 7

What you receive

+Four 90 minute live song circles/recordings via Zoom

+A collection of short, simple circle songs to bring into your life

+Connection to a community of song carriers


This is for you if:

*You want more music and singing in your life

*You want a gentle space to practice singing where you can participate but no one else can hear you (zoom!)

*You want to practice melodies and multiple layers of songs in said gentle space

*You’re brand new to song circles

*You already love song circles/singing and want to dive deeper!

*You are excited to learn new songs to teach and learn!

Meet your Guides


Rosalie Grace is a Fertility Awareness + Sexual Health Educator, doula, poet, and songstress. A lover of the muse, honeybees and the body, she thrives in helping connect people with their natural eros, fertility and creativity through teaching fertility awareness, self care + pleasure coaching and holding space for creative process.. She has been singing with Mackenzie and the local Nevada City song circle for the past 5 years and reveling in the juicy magic of community song! When not singing or teaching you can find her writing poetry, naked in nature or cooking.


Mackenzie Madrone is a song gatherer, voice activator, and lover of the muse. You can find her in the forest, catching songs with the elementals and singing with the fairies. She is a Guide back to yourself, to your songs, and to your voice. She speaks to stones and laughs with the waters, always coming back to the muse within. She is a vocal empowerment guide, on the journey of reclaiming her own voice, and reminding you of the power that comes with deep listening with playfulness and curiosity.


One payment of $199 USD

Or three payments of $67 USD

. : Investment : .

We welcome you to contact us with any questions!


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