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The SongWeaver Podcast

Weaving Song into Your Daily Life

We as humans have been singing since the very beginning. As a way to celebrate, work together, heal and grieve, we sing to evoke that which cannot be expressed in any other way. It is our connection to the deeper realms of our spiritual humanness. 


Singing is found in every culture around the world and to be human is to be a singing being. To sing is our birthright, yet so many of us have lost our connection to our voice and the magic it beholds. We feel blocked, or unknowingly hold shame in this area of our body. Now is the time to free your beautiful voice, by activating this powerful & transformational tool that is already built inside of you. 


Now more than ever, we are needing to remember the songs that will carry us through these times and hard times to come. We’re bringing back the art of oral tradition, inviting you into each melody to act as a key to open and unlock our collective healing, growth, and deep remembrance of our belonging. 


You’ll hear songs that are simple and easy to learn. Stories of overcoming self doubt, shame, pain, and trauma around the voice. And hear from incredibly moving Songweavers who are here to inspire, activate, and share songs as medicine. It’s bound to be fun and deep and you might just feel good singing along with us!

I am a Woman born of Curiosity, which finds me searching, seeking, unveiling, and uncovering music that moves me. I search for songs that stir deep within my heart and awakens my spirit.


This is my self documented journey, my Quest, of discovering those songs and the folks who have chosen to be vessels of the muse.


This is for all people. We each hold a deep wisdom of the power of the voice. We all have capacity to be song carriers, song birthers, and song writers. From lullabies to chants of resilience, we hold the power in our voice and my quest is to find those keys, those songs that have the potential to awaken the heart, invoke the spirit, and express that which is unseen.


I will be interviewing singers, song carriers, musicians, and friends who each have a unique story, a unique voice, and a unique song.

WildSong is a movement of women reclaiming our wild voices, embodying authenticity, and sharing our songs with the world. Here I will be sharing personal insights as well as interviews with inspiring female musicians, spoken word artists, and vocally empowered women to help you create and embody more music in your life. 

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