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Hi, I'm Mackenzie, and I believe that we all have a song born within us. 

We each have a voice that is all-powerful and

all-knowing that exists deep inside.

I believe this voice can create magic in our world and 

can heal our bodies with the vibration it creates.

This voice inside is waiting to be sung into creation.  

Each of us is a vessel for manifestation, creation, and

beautifying the world.

I believe we are here for this.

I believe we are here to sing ourselves alive.

My mission is to support women in finding the song

inside herself. 




There was a time in my life when I felt

disempowered, dull, and stagnant.

 I felt victim to my experiences.

My environment dictated

my emotional state and

I would often get stuck in mild to serious


self doubt, and insecurities.

I felt lethargic yet anxious,

lacking purpose and lacking community.

I disliked the sound of my own voice and

believe myself to be a horrible singer.

I believe that I was in this state because

I had not yet learned

the power that existed within me. 

My Song.

My voice, my essence,

the divine song that created me into being.

I now live with an inner confidence

that shines through because

I have taken responsibility

to discover my song within.

I share countless hours

with the invisible muses

who dance around me,

singing in my ears.

I am in awe and wonder at the magic that I uncovered in my life,

simply by discovering my song and sharing my voice.

  However, this journey has been full of opportunities

where I could have chosen to stay in fear.


Instead, I chose to listen.


I listened to the voice that encouraged me with love.

I listened to that inner knowing that proclaims, " I am Love."

And through this deep listening, I found that

the only person who was holding me back

from sharing myself with the world, was myself.


So, here I am world.

This is my song.

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