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Welcome to

Blooming Voices

9 Week Online Gathering
and Global Community of Song Carriers


March 20 - May 22

Registration is CLOSED


 Guided by the seven power centers of the body, 

You are invited to deepen your relationship with yourself + Song through the exploration of your authentic Voice


Blooming Voices begins

Spring Equinox

March 20

Singers of the Muse, Daughters of the wind,

It is time to remember and express your Sovereign voice 


I'm Mackenzie

 and I'll be your guide! 

I have been actively healing and freeing my voice for the past 10 years, studying and learning from teachers, muses, plants, and peers who are walking the path of empowered song.  

One day, I woke up to a genius idea...

that I don't need to do this alone Anymore!

I have a deep desire to Gather Those
who want to explore the voice together.

It is actually crucial that we come together to witness and be witnessed in the delicate unfolding of our voice.
It is my mission to guide and encourage women on this vulnerable path of awakening the Voice. 


Because the world needs your Voice!


Calling all Voices


This is your moment

To Activate the transformational tool of your Voice

To free the Song inside of your soul

To Co-create with Breath & Life Force

To Discover your Authentic Sound

To Express your heart and soul in Music


Together, we will travel through the power centers of the body to source our authentic Voice into Song.


We will be:

Awakening our Voices,

Tuning our Body Instrument,

Learning Sacred Songs,

Connecting with the Muses,

and Receiving our own Medicinal Melodies. 


Curriculum Includes:

Dissolve your past barriers to expression + Develop a foundation to confidently share songs + Learn tools to connect with your muses + Create your personal medicine bag of songs + Cultivate an embodied awareness of the music inside of you + Receive and share your own songs from the muses +Learn from Guest Song Carriers 

Yoga at Home


All Sessions will be held on Sundays at 12pm PDT
Chakra Content Emails will be sent out on the Saturday before

March 20 - Welcome Session (Spring Equinox)
Introduction + Orientation + Blooming Voice Care Package

March 27 - Root Session With Lauren Arrow
Foundation + Feeling Safety in you Song + Story of Your Voice 

April 3 - Sacral Session with Annie Anton
Womb Connection + Activate Elemental Connection + Portals

April 10 - Solar Session with Samara Jade
Power of Sound + Movement + Mission for Song + Intention

April 17 -Heart Session with Alexa Sunshine Rose
Grief and Praise as Gateways + Cacao + Ecstatic Voice

April 24 - Throat Session with Rae Marie Lawrence
Connecting with the Muses + Reclaiming the Wolf Woman Howl  

(skip May 1)

May 8 -Third Eye Session with Aimee Ringle
Visioning + Medicine Melodies + Vocal Improvisation

May 15 - Crown Session with Jennifer Ruth
Light Language + Songs for the elements + Channeling

May 22 - Closing Celebration with Mackenzie
Becoming a Song Carrier + Sharing Etiquette + Songs for these wild times


I have included 7 Guest Song Carriers to stand as examples of the many different paths and voices of the Earth.

There is much to learn from our peers, elders and sisters who are already walking a few steps along their own unique path of Song.


Our Guest Song Carriers


Rae Lawrence

Reclaiming the Wolf Woman Howl


April 24


Aimee Ringle

Rhythms and Visions of Song Leading

Third Eye

May 8


Jennifer Ruth

Reigning Celestial Light:

Bridging heaven and Earth

through Channeled Sound


May 15

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 7.47.44 PM 2.P

Lauren Arrow

Root into Song​


Mar. 27


Annie Anton

Voice and the Holy Temple ​


April 3


Samara Jade

Sourcing Your Power through Song & Breath


April 10


Alexa Sunshine Rose

Power of Intentional Sound


April 19



Song Circle with Rosalie Grace

and Mackenzie Madrone

we will come together and share songs to celebrate connection through our voices. 

Learn Songs + witness song sharing styles + Learn Harmonies + Play + sing + Pray

Our Web of Songbirds is a Growing Worldwide Movement

This online Journey offers us the opportunity to connect with others from around the world, people we otherwise might never cross paths with.  It gives us a chance to share our songs and the stories of our voice with those who are on a similar yet unique path of reclaiming our sovereign voice!  These calls are designed to support us in feeling witnessed and heard in the delicate blossoming of the voice. 

Previous participants have joined in from:
Australia, Brazil, Canada, Peru, Germany, UK. Mexico,  
Arizona, California, Connecticut, Montana,
Nevada, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Utah,
Florida, Georgia, 
Arkansas, New York.   

Previous Guest Song Carriers
Alexa Sunshine Rose
Mary Isis
Lauren Arrow
Justine Quetzal
Sarah Nutting (Mamuse)
Rosalie Amber Grace
Jessica Sirena
Olivia Rosebery
Gillian Cameron Neil
Reggie RiverBear






Weekly 75 minute in-depth Embodied Voice Calls (Via Zoom)

Two 1 hour long group check-in calls (Via Zoom)

1 Song Circle with Rosalie Grace & Mackenzie (Via Zoom)

Weekly Interactive Email content with journal prompts, exercises, songs, inspirations information and other magic from the Muses

Lifetime access to our private Facebook group where we connect, sharing our journey of our Voice, our songs, and where we hold each other accountable


Access to my Resource Library


A Blooming Voice Care Package

Ceremonial Cacao from Fair trade farms through ORA Cacao

A Flower Essence made by Lillian Edwards 

A Kyanite Stone

A Journal

"Embodied Voice Calls" will occur on Sundays from 12pm-1:15pm PDT

Check-in Calls will happen at a chosen date/time that works for everyone 

Our Song Circle with Rosalie Grace will also be scheduled once we find a date/time that works for everyone.

Dates to Schedule

March 20, 27

April 3, 10, 17, 24

May 8, 15, 22


Early Bird Rate $555 until March. 4th

An investment in your life and Vocal Activation of $777

Or Three Monthly Payments of $259

other payment plans are available, please reach out to me if you feel a resonance with this musical Journey



interested in exploring and healing the voice

Seeking a Community of Musically inclined folks

ready to discover and unleash your powerful voice

feeling curious about receiving and channeling songs

Calling in support and encouragement on the journey of authentic expression

Navigating inner stories of pain and doubt around the throat chakra

longing to feel confident and vibrant while sharing songs

Interested in learning medicinal melodies and receiving your own

Curious to learn exercises and practices to support the voice

desiring to be heard and seen for your natural gifts

Wanting to gain momentum in your creative journey

needing to re-activate your musicality & Creativity

interested in collaborating with other singers

wanting to deepen your connections to the muses

curious about elementals, muses, & light language



Registration is from February 22 - March 14 

Your Care Package will be mailed on March 15.

For USA participants, you will receive your package in the mail in the following 3-5 days.
International Shipments will also go out on March 15, and arrival date is determined by distance



Registration includes three different payment plans - 3X monthly, 6X monthly and full payments.

Once you register for Blooming Voices, you will receive a welcoming e-mail with
further information regarding your Blooming Voices Care Package shipment and upcoming orientation
announcements in preparation for the program.




There will be a scholarship "Challenge" Opportunity through my Instagram Account


on March 7-11

I will be rewarding One Full Scholarship and Two Partial Scholarships

toward Attending Blooming Voices


Community Testimonaials

My journey through Blooming Voices in Spring of 2020 was an incredible activation into my path as a vocalist and steward of sound healing. the women who were my peers in this course, with Mackenzie as our guide, became a sisterhood of sonic support and opening.

-Jenn Ruth Schmidt


Blooming Voices is such an incredible offering. I would highly suggest for any song birds waiting to open. the course gives you so many tools and support from an entire community to face whatever challenges block you in expressing your voice. since the course, I have found so much freedom and expansion in my expression, not just in song, but in all my communications. I feel more clear and connected to speaking my truth than ever before. the wisdom and insight from all the song carriers and Mackenzie is so rich and filled with depth, not something you could receive in a book/podcast. make the time for your voice, its time to hear us all!

-Jacquelyn Rose

The Blooming Voices Program was so transformational for me. During my early days of Postpartum I had the opportunity to participate in this container. Not only did it help me open my voice for song, but it also helped me embody my confidence to show up as a better woman and mother and speak my truth. I highly recommend this program for any woman who is ready to fully activate her voice and be in the sacred container and space that Mackenzie and other song carriers hold.

-Maddie M.


I did the Blooming Voices course in a previous session and I loved it. The combination of all the song carriers, Mackenzies gifts, and the sweetness of my cohort was the perfect space for me.

The course helped me to open myself to new ideas and songs and practices. it really helped me get going in the direction of my prayer to open my voice and express my creativity. so happy I did it and that the magic portal of Blooming Voices has been a part of my song journey. I feel it inspired me in so many ways.

-Rebecca WaterFlower

Blooming voices was a very sweet transformational container for me. I took a leap of faith joining this program and it lifted me up into more of my truer self,; holding me accountable in showing up and sharing my voice in ways that felt most authentic. There were many tools given that helped me ease into any discomforts gaining my confidence back to speak and sing my truth. Mackenzie and the song carriers all have their unique style in how to best be empowered through using your voice and each session was filled with wisdom and remembrance of the ancient ways and how to play with the elementals at hand while being rooted in the earths truth.

-Kristina Elizabeth Earle


I came across Mackenzie on Instagram through the spirit weavers community. The second I heard her angelic voice I knew I had to sing with her! I’ve known for many years that singing is my medicine but hadn’t ever experienced it in the beautiful, pure, healing way that Mackenzie shares it and I had never shared it intentionally with other women. I traveled from Tahoe to Nevada City to attend two song circles in her home. I didn’t know anyone but was welcomed by Mackenzie, and the other beautiful women in attendance with the most loving arms. I feel that when Mackenzie  sings you get a glimpse into her soul and I felt so honored to experience the sweet and pure medicine that she shared. It was such a new experience and it awakened something deep inside of me. I’m truly grateful for the experience that I got to share in these song circles and how they expanded me and I cant wait to experience this magic again in the future!”


-Melissa Nelson

Owner of Roam Wyld


"Every time I sit in a song circle with Mackenzie I feel so much lightness and beauty wash over my being. She creates a very open, accepting, and safe container where everyone is welcomed graciously and encouraged to share from the heart. I would recommend the experience to anyone looking to connect deeper to the earth, to loving community, or to their own heart path- through the magic of song."

-Cami Logan

RiverSong Herbs


"The first time I had the pleasure to witness Mackenzie's spirit was at a women's gathering circled around a fire, where she taught us songs that gave honor to the earth and all that is love. Mackenzie leads and holds space with a feminine grace and flow. She gathers women to connect deeper with themselves and each other all while singing songs together that create nourishing and healing ripples, which is truly the kind of medicine this world is in need of. She creates a safe space for you to drop into what is present, to share your heart aligned intentions and to sing and be heard. She encourages you to open your voice in the sweetest and gentlest of ways. It has been an honor to learn and be inspired by Mackenzie's voice and song. Anyone who gets the chance to work with her will be blessed with a beautiful and supportive teacher and friend."

-Karina Marie Baxter

Flowering Nourishment

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